975 Antelope Turn, Constantia Kloof 1709
Our doctors work towards making you feel better.

About Our Health Centre

We are a comprehensive health care centre, conveniently located in Constantia Kloof and easily accessible from all the main roads surrounding the Health Centre. Established in 2019, Nu Prime Health Centre offers a fresh approach to patient care by focusing on primary and preventative health solutions and providing a whole range of independent expert medical and health practices. We strongly believe that each individual’s health is multifaceted and therefore a holistic approach is required.

Nu Prime* provide a multidisciplinary solution by incorporating and providing both Medical and Health expertise from a single premise. We have taken great care in selecting not only top qualified doctors and nurses, but also staff and high in demand independent health practitioners, that are qualified in their field, appropriately registered, and share our vision with passion.

Nu Prime Health Centre upholds high standards of ethics and we strive to give each and every patient top quality individual care. We encourage everyone at Nu Prime* to keep up to date with clinical developments through continued professional development programmes.

Our Vision

We aim to be the provider of choice, for primary and preventative medical, and health services, for all the communities we serve.

Our Mission

To provide a patient-centred multidisciplinary healthcare facility, with excellence in quality, service, and accessibility.

Our Objectives

Is to provide a multidisciplinary facility with Independent expertise to;

  • increase timely access to all health care needs;
  • play a role in reducing costly avoidable Emergency cases and expensive hospital stays,
  • deliver a broad array of primary and preventative care services, including screening, diagnosis, and management of chronic illnesses;
  • offer enabling services like health education, health promotion, case management in order to ensure that patients are receiving the care they need;
  • establish collaborative partnerships with other medical and health organisations, dedicated to total wellbeing of communities, to provide compassionate, primary and preventative services to the community;
  • increase patient autonomy by encouraging and supporting individuals to take control of their health and to be involved in their decision making;


We are a walk-in practice but we also do take appointments for special services. Our average waiting time is 15min from arrival until being seen by a doctor. You may have to wait a little longer on busy days or if there is an emergency. Should you wish to make an appointment please call our reception at 011 794 3040 or email reception@nuprime.co.za


We are contracted to most medical aids and charge medical aid rates. We accept cash, debit and credit cards, and medical aid payment subject to confirmation of availability of funds with your medical aid scheme.

Health Education and Health Promotion

At Nu Prime we are committed to the wellbeing of communities around us. We believe people should be empowered to take charge of their health. We are available to offer health talks to any community group around us free of charge. Should you be interested in having a talk for your group please get in touch with us at triage@nuprime.co.za

Our Values

Our Core Values

The Standard of Care

Nu Prime Health Centre offers a diverse range of services, delivered by a team of doctors and registered nurses. You can choose to consult a nurse only for some primary health care problems and vaccinations or see one of our GPs.

It is generally recommended that you see a general practitioner first as most medical problems can be managed at GP level. Should a secondary opinion be required a doctor will refer you to a specialist or hospital.